Acoustics and tweaks

For reasonable results, the listening space needs acoustic treatment, supported with good EQ of the signal. For the audiophile in a hurry, Dirac Live and Trinnov seem like good choices.

TODO: check out the “equalizer filters as a service” offerings:

Applying Room EQ in the Digital Domain

Reaper can be used as the DAW to host the plugin for the measurements and Foobar2000 for playback.

You need a decent measurement mic to get the best results, e.g. MiniDSP UMIK-1.

For UPnP devices (like Linn DS) the signal chain is a bit more complicated:

Acoustic Treatment in the Living Room

Found acoustic panels with excellent WAF from Innofusor:

These can be further augmented with generic panels from BluetoneAcoustics. These are small enough to be hidden under the sofa when not needed.

TIL: Active bass traps are a thing?!


Music discovery

Link dump

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