Remote play board

Exercise in robotics, IoT etc.

Basic idea

Build a square play board and add a metal slides to two opposing sides. Build a servo-controlled “pick and place” system, maybe with electromagnets - each play piece would then be a flat disk with a metal base for the magnet to grab.

→ There are some DIY laser carving sets that have the accuracy and the parts that would work nicely - just replace the laser with a magnet.. → As first iteration a plotter (printer) could be good enough - tic tac toe, battleship etc.

Build a simple server software that takes a file as input. The file should contain plain-text commands to move the piece(s). This could be expanded with a web pages with a GUI… Play by email would be fun too with parsing of the message etc.

Arimaa would be a great game to build with this but a tic-tac-toe is probably more realistic to start with.

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