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LC Meter from AADE


  • Range
    • .001 mHy (1 nHy) to 100 mHy (most units measure to 150 mHy)
    • .010 pF to 1 mFd (most units measure to 1.5 uFd)
    • (Capacitors must be non-polarized)
  • Accuracy 1% of reading Typical
    • Typical means the average error for 60 inductance calibration standards:
      • 20 HP 16470A standard calibration inductors
      • 16 Booton type 103A standard calibration inductors
      • 6 Booton type 62-2A standard calibration inductors
      • 18 Marconi type TM 4520 standard calibration inductors
      • and 83 capacitance calibration standard
      • 7 Heathkit 0.25% capacitance calibration standards
      • 37 Vero 0.1% capacitance calibration standards
      • 39 0.5% decade capacitance calibration standard
      • 10 2% high value capacitance calibration standards
    • See for detailed results.


The LC Meter was nicely packed and came with colored instructions for assembly and usage.

Setup and build

This was my first electronics project where I could use the portable lab setup that I've been slowly planning and building. I got the tools out and heated up the soldering iron.

The first ever component that I've soldered in the last 15 years :)

It took me a good 2 hours to complete, but here it is, up and running:

and with the cover on

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