Home Automation

Apple’s HomeKit works with all major vendors. iCloud can be used to store e2e encrypted video from supported cameras. AppleTV 4K can be used as the always on Hub.

IKEA’s smart home solutions are well regarded and cheap. Their Symphonic line is repackaged Sonos boards but a lot cheaper. Roon Lab works with Sonos (though no multi zone sync).

Most curtains upstairs could be replaced with Fyrtur electric roller blinds.

It is unclear if I can use smart bulbs with variable color temperature with normal wall mounted light switches. If all I want is the capability for light to change color temperature depending on the time of day, will they automatically “poll” the hub when they are switched on and then adjust to the correct temp?

A motion activated and time-based dimming control would be a nice addition to the stairway and bathrooms.


Local network

Current hardware doesn’t allow easy segmentation of the LAN to segregate IoT etc devices.

Recommendation was to use Ubiquiti products.

  • Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway
  • Unifi US-8-60W (8xGb ports with PoE)
  • UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 for camera recordings and WLAN control
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