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   * [[http://​aaronbedra.com/​emacs.d/​|Good breakdown of a .emacs file]]   * [[http://​aaronbedra.com/​emacs.d/​|Good breakdown of a .emacs file]]
   * [[https://​expoundite.net/​guides/​dotfile-management|manage .emacs file in org mode!]]   * [[https://​expoundite.net/​guides/​dotfile-management|manage .emacs file in org mode!]]
 +  * [[https://​github.com/​myTerminal/​dotfiles/​tree/​master/​.emacs.d|example .emacs file that has been split into multiple files]]
 ===== ORG mode ===== ===== ORG mode =====
   * [[http://​sachachua.com/​blog/​2014/​01/​tips-learning-org-mode-emacs/​|Org mode guide]]   * [[http://​sachachua.com/​blog/​2014/​01/​tips-learning-org-mode-emacs/​|Org mode guide]]
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