Elite: Dangerous

Notes for beginners

  • 4 pips to sys gives 2.5x shield strength, while 2 only gives 1.15x.
  • NPCs currently mostly ignore silent running
  • Fly directly away from the planet first, even if your destination is a completely different direction. Ultimately the additional speed you gain from being far from the planet’s mass makes up for the increased distance traveled.
  • Malfunctions are 40% output, complete failure (0% integrity) is 50% output and chance of catastrophic failure resulting in a very much terminal case of explodedness. Thrusters, at least 5A on a Vulture, should be the only thing on priority one to ensure they stay online during a power plant malfunction. They have a 39.2% power draw, which is just under the 40% marker of a malfunction.
  • If your starter ship is a Sidewinder and your goal is combat, try and get into an Eagle, then Viper III/Cobra III, then Vulture.
  • Bounty hunting is probably the most effective way to make early money (though I personally did trading). In a smaller ship, go to a (non-hazardous) resource extraction site and look for lasers. Wait for the security ships to get a wanted target down to low hull, then go at ’em. Don’t attack wings. If you have some friends to wing up with it’s easier, else look for random players to ask—most people are friendly!
  • never ever fly without your insurance buy-back!!. It’s the quickest way to lose many, many hours of progress. It doesn’t matter how tempting it is: don’t do it.

Ship outfits

Social and RP

3rd Party software and hardware


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