Building a lab

Requirement: components and tools need to fit into a toolbox on wheels.

Equipment needed



Basic components

(source: "How to stuff your junk box")

  • Resistors: ✔ (all ¼ Watt): 1, 10, 50, 100, 220, 330, 470, 1K, 2.2K, 3.3K, 4.7K, 10K, 22K, 47K, 100K, and 1M ohms
  • Capacitors ✔ (all 50 Volts.):
    • Frequency Determining [(COG (Ceramic on Glass) or NPO, 10 values each]: 5PF, 10PF, 22PF, 33PF, 47PF, 68PF, 100PF, 150PF, 220PF, 330PF, 470PF
    • Bypass (XR7): 1NF, 10NF, 100NF, 200NF, 470NF (10NF and 100NF are the most commonly used)
    • Electrolytic: 1UFD, 3.3UFD, 4.7UFD, 10UFD, 47UFD, 100UFD, 220UFD, 470UFD and 1000UFD (Most commonly used; 10UFD, 100UFD, 220UFD)
  • Inductors:
    • Molded: 1 UHY, 2.2Uhy, 10Uhy, 15Uhy, 100Uhy
    • Ferrite Cores: Amidon FT37-43✔ (most used) FT 37-51, FT50-43
    • Iron Powder Cores: T37-2, T37-6, T50-2, T50-6, T68-2, T68-6
    • Balun Cores: FBN type 43 & 51
    • Wire (for winding): Purchase Multi-color Enamel Magnet Wire (Amidon sells Red & Green) Size #26 (0,4mm ∅) (most frequently used), Single spools of #24 (0,51mm ∅) and #30 (0,255mm ∅)
  • Transistors: 2N3904✔, 2N3906✔, 2N2222✔ & 2N2222(TO-18), 2N2219A, 2N3053, 2N3866, 2N5109, 2SC2166, IRF510
  • Zener Diodes: 5.1V, 8.1V, 10V, 33V
  • Signal and Switching Diodes: 1N914✔, 1N4148✔, 1N270
  • Power and Reverse Voltage Protection Diodes: 1N4004
  • Voltage Regulators: 78L05, 7805, 78L08, 7810, 7812, LM317L, LM7905, LM7912
  • IC’s: NE555, LM741, LM386, SA602/612, MC1350, NE5532 and NE5534
  • Miscellaneous Parts:
    • Double Balanced Mixers: SBL-1, TUF-1, ADE-1 (all Mini Circuits Labs)
    • Sockets: 8, 14 and 16 Pin DIPs, TO-92 Sockets, TO-39 Sockets
    • Heatsinks & Insulators: TO-220 Insulator kits, TO-220 Heat Sinks, TO-39 Heat Sinks

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